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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bath and Kitchen Crastions

We recently remolded our bathroom, looks amazing thanks to my wonderful husband.  He is so crafty always does an amazing job!  Now it is off to remodel our kitchen, the fun really begins.  I often worry about no having my kitchen with a family of 6 that will be difficult at times.  

Now I am stuck with how I want my kitchen to look.  I have an overactive imagination, Shawn makes fun of me.  I take what I like and want to put it all together, doesn't always work that way but I try.  Probably a good thing I have him to balance me out or I would have some interesting bath and kitchen creations.

Our bathroom looks amazing, had we done it my way not so sure.  I need to take how everything will look together into consideration.  Thank god for my husband, I have learned to really sit down and think about our remodeling situation and how things are going to look before acting on my impulsive behavior.

We just bout our new tile and will be moving forward from there.  Matching counters, cabinets, etc with the tile.  This is an awesome trick pick what is most important to you, get what you like and go from there.  This is how we remolded our bathroom and it turned out amazing, better than I pictured. 

Have you remolded something recently or do you have some awesome tips you would like to share?  I would love to hear them before we begin our adventure.   

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