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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Scentsy Sasha Buddy Fragrant Teddy Bear Giveaway

Sasha Scentsy Bear
 Scentsy has a fabulously fragrant buddy that not only feels cuddly, but also gives back. Every Sasha bear that is sold donates to the Ronald McDonald House. Scentsy buddies are powdered by sticking a "Scent Pak" filled with fragrance infused beads into a zipper compartment, so every hug is a cloud of love & deliciousness. Enter below for a chance to have a Sasha bear of your very own. Your child will love her or it can make an adorable air freshener for your home or car! If you can't wait to win one, order one now at where my we are offering a free gift with your first purchase!

To enter go to

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