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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Little abou Labs and Skittles!

We have a rather large family and a large group of dogs that add to our family! We have a pit bull named Skittles I have had him for going on 7 years now, I am not big on Pits now that I have a family but also know that he has changed a lot since our family has grown. He used to be pushy rude pretty much just a jerk he was the man of the house. Was not big on kids would eat a cat. Since I got with my husband and his children moved in Skittles knew he had to change his ways now he sleeps with the kids and well the cat beats him up. Too funny to see how much he has changed he has never been treated bad hit or anything just loved and hugged. He was my child before I had my own. Skittles will be in our family forever.

We also have moved on to Labs. If you do not know to much about the Labrador Retriever hold on to your hat they are the best dog you will find. Labs come in Black, Yellow, and Chocolate. The yellow lab sometimes is very light almost a white color while some are almost a golden color. Our female Piper is White while our male Brodi is golden.

Piper is about 1.5 years and Brodi is not even a year yet, they are so sweet and loving my 20 month old daughter crawls all over them pulls their tails ears whatever she wants to and they just lick her or love on her back.

There are two types of Labs the English and the American. Their appearance is different, English Labs are heavier, thicker and more block like and the America is tall and somewhat lanky and the coat is smooth and does not have a wave look to it.These dogs are strong swimmers and have somewhat of a webbed foot to help them swim.

Labs are a very popular breed in the US. They are some of the most loyal dogs you will meet they are also loving and need to be loved on, very patient and kind they are wonderful family dogs, great with kids. Labrador Retriever is willing and eager to please and extremely intelligent. These dogs need lots of room they love to play and run. Their temperament is friendly and reliable and they are awesome with children and other dogs. They need attention and seek your leadership and willingness to let them become part of your family. Labs are very strong so it is important to teach them to walk on a leash at a early age and teach them to listen and be calm, they are wonderful watchdogs. These dogs can be very destructive if you do not show them leadership and give them the room and attention they need.

Labs are about 2 feet tall and can weigh anywhere from 55-100lbs. 100 pounds is extremely large but some of the males can get that big.

Some health problems that are known to labs are hip and elbow dyspepsia and eye disorders. Labs can pretty much live where you want them to but keep in mind if you keep them inside you must walk them or even if you have a small yard they need to be walked a lot, any dog should be taken on walks but labs have major energy. Labs live 10-15 years and grooming is a must. They have short hair and it is easy to groom, but needs to be brush regularly. Like most dogs they need a bath and they shed a bit. Labs are wonderful working dogs because of their need to please and smarts.

I love my labs they are so awesome I honestly think if you have the time and the love you cannot go wrong when getting a lab. We will be breeding Piper and Brodie soon will be their first litter so wish them luck. I have posted a picture of Piper now and Brodie when he was a puppy so you can see how cute. Brodie now is pushing 78 lbs and almost a year old what a big sweet boy he has become.

Brodie at 7 weeks old

Piper at 1.5 years

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